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Programming in basic (compiled) on many computers with ugBASIC by Marco Spedaletti


Even if I knew ugBASIC for having seen it on the System-CFG forum, I didnt write about yet. It's interesting as it is a compiled basic which works on many computers including the Amstrad CPC(+). So it's Amsnews which reminds me to do my duty. In fact this compiler write the code so a program works whatever the features of the targeted computer, a feature who doesnt exist in hardware will be managed by software. For ugBASIC's github it's here, the official site here, an official FB group of ugBASIC and even now an ugBASIC forum. Good reading.

SDCC v4.3.0 (C programming for Amstrad CPC) on PC and MacOS


A new version of the ANSI-C compiler SDCC v4.3.0 is available since the 7th June 2023 for windows, linux and MacOS.

Second book about assembly on 5 new CPUs par keith56


Keith56 has released a second book about assembly on 5 new CPU : ARM Thumb, 65816, 6809 PDP-11 and Risc-V CPUs. The first book was about many CPUs, including the Z80 of course.

If you buy the book on Amazon, he will give you a PDF version.

SDCC v4.2.0 (C programming for Amstrad CPC) on PC and MacOS


A new version of the ANSI-C compiler SDCC v4.2.0 is available since the 8th March 2022 for windows, linux and MacOS.

Learning Z80 assembly, are you Rodnay Zaks or Lance A. Leventhal ?


To learn Z80 assembly, I only knew the book by Rodnay Zaks, but it seems it's not the best one after reading this Twitter thread. So the book by Lance A. Leventhal would be more didactic and less redundant.

These two books are available on Amstrad CPC Mémoire Ecrite, but beware the last edition of the Rodnay Zaks's book is 1982, the one by A. Leventhal is 1983. Don't download an older version. Rodnay Zaks also exists in french, spanish and german (in 1982 and 1987).

SDCC v4.1.0 (C programming for Amstrad CPC) on PC and MacOS


A new version of the ANSI-C compiler SDCC v4.1.0 is available since the 8th March 2021 for windows, linux and MacOS.

NOMWARS, an Amstrad CPC game written with 8BP v041 (and more)


Jose Javier Garcia Aranda has released a new version of NOMWARS (tape and disk) written with 8BP v41 (8bits de poder : 8bits of power), his RSX library to write Amstrad CPC games in basic and asm.

A physical edition of the game can be bought on Hobby Retro.

You can download 8bp on github.

You can also get SPEDIT v14, an utility to capture sprites from games or pictures made with an utility such as ConnvImgCPC, Martine...

And finally, he is working on a menu application for DES cartridges, to allow easy launching on games installed inside such a cartridge.

3DManiaks, an Amstrad CPC demo by the group Impact


3DManiaks by Impact is their latest production, an Amstrad CPC demo which is quite nice to see. You can download it on Pouet or on CPCWiki. You can also see 3DManiaks sur Youtube.

The demo has been written by :

  • Demoniak (code)
  • Kris (art)
  • CMP (design)
  • Mast/FtL (music)

Basito by Julián Albo, the Locomotive Amstrad CPC basic running on ZX Spectrum +3


Basito is an old project of Julián Albo (download) which allows to run the Amstrad CPC Locomotive basic on a ZX Spectrum +3. There are of course some limitations as only be able to use integers in numeric variables.

The source code of the Amstrad CPC demo TriangulArt (Impact) is available


TriangulArt by Impact is a really nice Amstrad CPC demo made only with triangles which you can see on Youtube.

The source code of the demo is now available on :

Tribute to Michael Collins (Apollo XI), an Amstrad CPC+ slideshow by Nemo59


Nemo has created a slideshow in turbo pascal for Amstrad CPC+ including astronaut quotes : Michael Collins (Apollo XI) tribute which you can see on Youtube on his channel. The screenshots has been converted with ConvImgCPC by Ludovic Deplanque.

Turbo Pascal programmation on Amstrad CPC by Nemo 59 : a hardware sprite editor, and more


Nemo 59 is programming in Turbo Pascal on Amstrad CPC a software : a hardware sprite editor for Amstrad CPC+, and much more. I invite you to go see his youtube videos and read his posts on CPCRulez.

He also wrote a pascal framework (TP-tools v0.2 with its documentation), the objective is to have a v1.0 with more pascal units, for Amstrad CPC and CPC+. TP-Tools v0.2 is actually organized in 4 units :

  • : graphics management
  • : sound management
  • keyboard and joystick management
  • : ASIC CPC+ management

Other pascal units will be added in the future v1.0 (UCrt, USprite, ...).

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