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Arcade Game Designer v0.7.10 for Windows by Jonathan Cauldwell


Arcade Game Designer v0.7.10 is a Windows (32/64) utility by Jonathan Cauldwell to write games for Timex/Next, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Acorn Electron, Dragon/Coco and Enterprise, without any knowing of programmation.

The big news for the CPC is that it should now allow you to import third-party assembler routines and call them in your game with the USER command (plus an optional argument that gets passed in the accumulator). There is an example user routines directory with a couple of routines suggested by users.

There is a forum about AGD, follow the link of the first message to download AGD.

Turbo Rascal SE for Windows-Linux-OS X, a Pascal IDE to program for Amstrad CPC (and more)


Turbo Rascal SE (TRSE) is a complete suite (IDE, compiler, programming language, image sprite level resource editor) intended for developing games/demos for 8 / 16-bit line of computers, with a focus on the MOS 6502, the Motorola 68000, the (GB)Z80 and the X86. TRSE currently supports application development for the C64, C128, VIC-20, PLUS4, NES, Gameboy, PET, ZX Spectrum, TIKI 100, Amstrad CPC 464, Atari 2600, 8086AT, Amiga 500 and the Atari ST 520 (complete list here). With the benefits of a modern IDE (error messages, code completion, syntax highlighting etc) and a bunch of fast built-in tools, it has never been easier to program for your favorite obsolete system !

TRSE runs on Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit and OS X. Development began on Feb 24th 2018. The TRSE framework contains a number of project examples for multiple platforms, including almost 200 runnable tutorials. TRSE also contains a real-time ray tracer that can export (compressed) data for demo and game production.

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The source code of Soundtrakker 128 is released by BSC


BSC has released the source code of Soundtrakker 128.

He is also the author of AYAY Kaeppttn!a SID player/tracker .

He is working on AY³ aka AYcubed, a new SID engine which emulates some parts of the SID sound like:

  • 3 independent voices
  • synthesized square and sawtooth wave forms
  • variable duty cycle on square waves Stereo!

Demo of the adventure game Tristam Island by Hugo Labrande available for Amstrad CPC and PCW


The demo of the adventure game Tristam Island by Hugo Labrande is available for a gameplay estimated to 1 hour-1 hour 30 (first part of the game). The definitive game will be available in a few weeks for 3,99 euros. This adventure game uses the PunyInform engine by Fredrik Ramsberg.

Another video of the WIP Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC by John Ward


John Ward is working on a version of Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC (CPCWiki).

A second video of Atic Atac is available on John Ward's Youtube channel.

Announce for the Amstrad CPCRetroDev 2020 contest


CPCRetroDev 2020 is the 8th edition of the programming contest for the Amstrad CPC 464, organized by the Alicante's university. You have till the 3rd November 2020 to submit your program. Results will be available starting at 7pm on the 13th November.

As stated by @adventuron on Twitter, why not making an adventure game for this contest using Adventuron and the DAAD software ?

Don't hesitate to check the previous productions : CPCRetroDev 2019, but also the years before, they are gems to be found.

RASM v1.1 by Roudoudou, a multi platform assembler for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v1.1 (23th June 2020).

Rasm is now available on Github (documentation included).

This multi platform assembler (linux, windows, but not only like MorphOS on Amiga) let you program for Amstrad CPC.

WIP Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC by John Ward


Atic Atac is a classic on ZX Spectrum (Atic Atac on Wos). The game was written by Tim and Chris Stamper, it was published by Ultimate Play the Game (alson on the BBC micro) in 1983.

John Ward is working on a version of Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC (CPCWiki).

A first video of Atic Atac is available on John Ward's Youtube channel.

New beta version of the CPC assembler Dorgams


Dorgams is an assembler in ROM for Amstrad CPC, created by Madram, Drill and Hicks. A new version is available.

The documentation in french and english is available on Dorgams' wiki.

SDCC v4.0.0 (C programming for Amstrad CPC) on PC and MacOS


A new version of the ANSI-C compiler SDCC v3.8.0 is available since the 30th January 2020 for windows, linux and MacOS.

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