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Euclides XXI by ESP Soft, following of Arquimedes XXI (2011)


After a first release in spanish, ESP Soft just released the english version of Euclides XXI, the following of the adventure game Arquimedes XXI (released in 2011).

Remake of Slap Fight (Alcon) by Abalore W.I.P., second level


Slap Fight (A.L.C.O.N.) is a shoot them up already existing on Amstrad CPC since 1987. Abalore started to work on a remake in 2016 and today another video of this remake is available with the second of the game. Check the other videos on his Youtube channel.

Abalore accepts every help possible to make this new remake.

Michael Archer has released the source code of his C64 games


Michael Archer is the author of several known games on C64. He did release their source code on Github, an interesting move :

  • Nemesis the Warlock (Martech)
  • Slaine (Martech)
  • Rampage (Activision)
  • Altered Beast (Activision)
  • Atomic Robokid (Activision)
  • Alien3 (Acclaim Entertainment)

Aeon part 1 on ZX Spectrum to Amstrad CPC (with AGD)


Aeon part 1 is a game created with AGD first on ZX Spectrum by Sunteam. It has been ported on Amstrad CPC by Vincent GR.

It isnt easy to play it with the keyboard, I couldnt pass the first screen with about 10 games. If you are better than me dont hesitate to reply on Twitter.

Aeon part 1 by Sunteam, ported on Amstrad CPC by Vincent GR

Classic Adventurer issue 5 is out, about adventure games


Classic Adventurer is a newspaper about adventure games which last issue number five is out as a free download or in printed format.

This issue has for example an article about Redhawk which was on ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and C64 by Melbourne House.

Teaser of a WIP game by Batman Group : Vespertino


Batman Group has made the buzz with a teaser of a racing game : Vespertino. There will be a lite disk version but on a CPC 464 you will need more memory. The real version will be on a cartridge for all CPC (so it's not a CPC+ cartridge) to be able to hold all the assets of the game. It will be like the Repoker de Ases cartridge which holds 4Mhz games.

Personnally, I was much impressed by the 3D rotation of the car, a nice effect.

Xyphoe has made a video in reaction of this teaser.

Results of the Basic 10 liners contest 2019


The results of the Basic 10 liners contest 2019 are out, Amstrad CPC programs are :

  • Shielding Color, 6th place category extrem 256
  • Nano Hexagon par Logiker, 10th place category PUR-80
  • CPCanabalt par Logiker, 5th place category PUR-120
  • OVO, 3rd place category extrem 256
  • Tanks Alot par Amsdos, 14th place category extrem 256
  • Logipics par Logiker, 2nd place catégory PUR-80

You can download all Amstrad CPC programs of the Basic 10 liners contest 2019.

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