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Amstrad CPC score contest on Border 0


Border 0 organizes a score contest, whose rules are below :

1.Use the WinAPE v2.0 Beta 2 emulator
2.Use the following settings :
DISPLAY: Enable Plus Features / Pal Emulation / Linear Palette
MEMORY: RAM: 128K / ROM Lower: OS6128 / Upper 0: BASIC1-1 / Upper 7: AMSDOS
3.Load the following DSK of Run CPC
4.Save a SNR session of your game :
  4.1.Save ONLY one game per session
  4.2.Start at the menu screen   4.3.End at the score menu
5.Send your SNR session with a tag or your name BEFORE the 31th January 2020 to :
Nothing to win except the respect of other who will be able to see the results on Border 0's contest web page, looking at the best SNR on CPC-Power and a video on Youtube.

The 15 Best Old and New Games for the Amstrad CPC featuring Amstrad YouTubers by Kim Justice


I dont know yet Kim Justice, but she did a video of her 15 best old new new games for Amstrad CPC featuring Amstrad youtubers including Top Hat Gaming Man, Novabug, DJ Slope, Yellow Belly and Xyphoe.

Retrogaming, between nostalgia and business on Amstrad.EU


I invite you to read the french article on Amstrad.EU which title is Retrogaming, between nostalgia and business.

See below the two youtube video mentionned in this article about the Amstrad CPC games featuring the Roland character :

A WIP Toki Amstrad CPC 6128 game by AmstradGPP, shown at RGC 2019


GGP is working since 2018 on an Amstrad CPC version of the well know arcade game Toki.

Oldschool is beautiful did interview his two authors at the RGC 2019 meeting.

In this video you learn what GGP means : Gros Gland Production, which translates to Big Acorn (oaknut) Production, yes really.

MIDI remix of 5 Amstrad CPC games's music on @vgmusic


Seen on VGMusic, there are MIDI remix of five Amstrad CPC games's music :

  • 3D StarFighter
  • AirWolf II
  • Chuckie Egg (less than 5 seconds of music !)
  • Deflektor
  • Monte Carlo Casino

a remake WIP of Operation Wolf by Adolfito for Android


Adolfito has already written several remake of Amstrad CPC games, this time it's all about of a WIP remake of Operation Wolf on Android. I am not really fond of playing on ANdroid (either phone or tablet), but this time it's really gorgeous and I will certainly try it when it's out.

There is another youtube video of the wip.

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