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The creation of the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup was an idea of Marco Vieth and David Long on the 25th March 1994 :

From: dave (David Long)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.os.cpm
Subject: Amstrad CPC newsgroup
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: 25 Mar 1994 11:15:59 -0500
Organization: KECHB School
Lines: 20
Sender: tale
Approved: tale
Message-ID: <comp.sys.cpc-RFD1>

Due to a considerable increase in interest in the Amstrad CPC series of machines, Marco Vieth (author of CPCEMU - a CPC emulator for the PC) and myself are interested in setting up a newsgroup devoted to this topic.

The proposed name is "comp.sys.cpc". This will cover every subject related to the CPC and will not be moderated.

I would appreciate a response from anyone with comments on this matter. Send follow-ups to "news.announce.newgroups" and "comp.os.cpm".

The CPC is an 8-bit machine, three models of which were produced by the British company Amstrad. It is based around a Z80 processor and has 64k of directly accessible memory, which can be expanded to 576k. The CPC Emulator is available in the Emulators directory of the Simtel20 archives/mirrors as CPCEMU09.ZIP. It requires a 386 or above with VGA to run.

| Those were some words of wisdom (?) from... |
|     David Long: dave      |

This unmoderated newsgroup comp.sys.amstrad.8bit is open to discussions about the Z80 Amstrad computers : CPC (464, 664, 6128, 464+, 6128+), GX4000, PCW (8256, 8512, 9256, 9512, 9512+, 10, 16), NC100/150/200 and PDA600.

Some newsgroups have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It's the answers to the most asked questions by people coming for the first time on the newsgroup, so usual readers dont have to answer every time. You will find below the FAQ of this newgroups in several languages, in text and HTML.

The result of the creation (see below) was posted on the 28th July 1994 after a procedure wich consisted of a discussion (RFD : Request For Discussion) and a vote (CFV : Call For Vote) from the 21th June to 21th July 1994. It was created the 4th August 1994.

From: rdippold (Ron "Asbestos" Dippold)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.os.cpm,comp.sys.sinclair,comp.sys.misc,comp.emulators.misc,alt.folklore.computers
Subject: RESULT: comp.sys.amstrad.8bit passes 148:36
Supersedes: <comp.sys.amstrad.8bit-CFV2>
Followup-To: news.groups
Date: 28 Jul 1994 16:37:08 -0400
Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers
Lines: 272
Sender: tale
Approved: tale
Message-ID: <comp.sys.amstrad.8bit-RESULT>
References: <comp.sys.amstrad.8bit-RFD1> <comp.sys.amstrad.8bit-CFV1> <comp.sys.amstrad.8bit-CFV2>

	unmoderated group comp.sys.amstrad.8bit passes 148:36

There were 148 YES votes and 36 NO votes, for a total of 184 valid votes.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes. 

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
comp.sys.amstrad.8bit           Amstrad CPC/PcW/GX4000 software/hardware.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting
questions only contact rdippold  For questions about the
proposed group contact Emmanuel Roussin <roussin>

CHARTER (Proponent)

The proposed unmoderated newsgroup comp.sys.amstrad.8bit will be open
to discussions about the Amstrad CPC (464, 664, 6128, 464+, 6128+),
PcW (8256, 8512, 9256, 9512, 9512+, QUibble) and GX4000.
Appropriate topics would include, but not be limited to :
         - CPC/PcW/GX4000 hardware, software,
         - CPCEMU, the CPC emulator from Marco Vieth, currently v1.0 at
  in /SimTel/msdos/emulator/CPCEMU10.ZIP
           In the future, if they are too many message about it, we will
           discuss about a comp.emulators.cpc newsgroup,
         - specific Amstrad CP/M files, overlays...
The only topic that is excluded is:
        discussion of Amstrad PC-compatible (1512, 1640, 2x86, 3x86 and
        others Amstrad compatible I don't know) because these computers
        are really compatible, so* newsgroups must be
In the future, the newsgroup could be reorganized in
comp.sys.amstrad.8bit.cpc and comp.sys.amstrad.8bit.pcw if really
The newsgroup, if created, will be relayed on BBS as not everybody can
read newsgroups, they will have also files for CPC/PcW :
    * genesis : the 8bit generation, FIDO 2:320/220
      this french BBS will open this summer,
    * Aspects BBS, FIDO 2:250/107 in U.K.
Expect other BBS in the future, we are looking for a BBS in Germany.
The BBS will take care to post valid messages, not to post dupes, etc...
FTP sites with CPC files :
    * in /pub/cpm, specific Amstrad CP/M files,
      thanks to Paul Martin
    * (soon), thanks to Arnt Gulbrandsen
And perhaps a coming french site.
Sinclair and Commodore 8bit users have their own newsgroup, the CPC/PcW
were widely sold in U.K., France and Germany, also in other countries.
It's time to have now our own newsgroup to discuss about these good
computers. Nostalgia, when you hold me...

comp.sys.amstrad.8bit Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
100020.2631                                          Nik Holmes
100022.1300 CompuServe.COM                           John Miller [100022,1300]
A.E.Wright                                              A.E.Wright
a880349                                   Luis Miguel Carmona
a890382                                       Fernando Carvajal
agulbra                                           Arnt Gulbrandsen
AHRENS26                                   Richard L. Ahrens
ali                                               Marco Vieth
alxnunes                                       Alexis Nunes
am3a035                        Radoslav Smiljanic
amanda                                              Per Abrahamsen
and1000                                          Austin Donnelly
andrew                                        Leif Andrew Rump
ansible                                     David Langford
antonio.ortiz                                        Antonio Ortiz
Arden                                        Arden Aspinall
attila.altan                                    Attila Altan
borgen                                              Borge Noest
briang                            briang
c8902477                                  Bernard Schmitz
cirsovius                                        Werner Cirsovius
clstampe                                         Chris Stamper
cosiam                      Concurrent Osiam Team
cpu                                                    Kip Crosby
croc!craig                                  Craig Sutherland
cui stan.xx.swin.OZ.AU                                                   CUI G
dariol                                     DARIOL[Strandh]
DEREK                                           DEREK TIDMAN                   Detlev Ahlgrimm
dobrien                                        Dan O'Brien
donm                                                  Don Maslin
doug                                                    doug mansell
dpw93                                              David Wragg
echeva                           Fernando J. Echevarrieta Fernandez
eeimbey                                    Michael Begley
eeu219                                              W.Ahmed
esser Pool.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE                                          
Francesco.Devitt Comp.VUW.AC.NZ                               Francesco Devitt
francois.lourbet                            Francois Lourbet
gblancha                                       Gilles Blanchard
geider                                             Frank Geider
geiger                                     Ralf Geiger
Georg.Wittig                                               Georg Wittig
Gernot.Lucks                     Gernot Lucks
gregtan                                           Greg Tan
gruber                                         Michael Gruber
hamham                                    Stefan Noehammer
hesseler                         Wolfgang Hesseler
hochede                                    etudiant
hollosi                                       Arno Hollosi
islinger                                  Markus W. Islinger
iwatters                                       Ian Watters
jfweber                                  Jean-Francois Weber
jkerle                                      Jens Kerle
jlsimoni                 Jean-Luc SIMONI Thesard GITD Fluhr
jnpeters                    Jan Peters (CIP 92)
joe                                           Joe Cotroneo
john                                          John Washington
jpl                                        Jean Pierre Ley
jw129                                                 Dr J. West
K.Lucas                                             SillyWiz
kauffner                                  Peter Kauffner
khurrad                                      Thomas Naumann
L.H.Wood                                          Lloyd Wood
L15D ZFN.UNI-BREMEN.DE                                        Martin Schroeder
lothar                                              Lothar Wirbeleit
margolis                                     Margolis & Co
Mark_Haigh-Hutchinson           Mark Haigh-Hutchinson
marmol\q                          Jose Pio Martinez Nu\qez
martin_c                                               michel martini
mhe1000                                            Dr M.H. Evans
michel.pinquier                              Michel Pinquier
mpni                                        Nieminen Mika Petteri
mrstampe                                   Marjorie R. Stamper
mstrouck                                     Michael Stroucken
neilm                                                Neil R. Marsh
nick                                              Nick Gibbs
nllopis                                        Noel Llopis
odenthal                              TI1 Christof Odenthal
okey                                                Oeyvind Krosby
ollivier.civiol                              Ollivier Civiol
ordway                                      HOLLY E ORDWAY
ovion                                        Jacques Ovion
pattedoi                                   Ivan Pattedoie
pb                                        Pierre Beyssac
perrier                                             Christian Perrier
peter                                      Peter Sullivan
ph                                                                 Palli
PHYS218                                  Lyndon Watson
pm                                             Paul Martin
pochol                                                   Pochol Pascal
q83621                                         Michael
quinn phoenix.Princeton.EDU                                   Michael J. Quinn
r.alphey                                         Russell Alphey
rafat                                             Mr R Ahmad
rdb Cs.Nott.AC.UK                                                Roger D Bucks
rene                                          Rene COUGNENC
rmorgan CAM.ORG                                                  Robert Morgan
roberto                                             Ollivier Robert
roklein orville.zdv.Uni-Mainz.DE                                  Robert Klein
Ross.Hamilton                                           Ross
rossi                                                Bruno ROSSI
roussin                                          Emmanuel Roussin
rrotz                                     Rhinman Rotz
rufus                                                       Rufus Cable
scherer                         Christian SCHERER
schreibe                                         Roman Schreiber
spliid                                        Anders Spliid Hansen
stuf                                                Stuart Foster
t92etr                                         Erik Trulsson
thomas                                     Thomas Quinot
thomas                                Thomas Varsamidis (SH)
tparker                                                 Todd Parker
troddis                                             Timothy Roddis
uho                                Ulrich Hoffmann
ukam                                      Bernd Strehhuber
Veronique.Prevet                              Veronique Prevet
W.A.Hornby                                       Alex Hornby
weberj                           Juergen Weber
weberv6                                               WEBER Vincent
weiningb                          Bernhard Weininger
wnp                                                   Wolf Paul
yavuzb                                      Yavuz Batmaz
ycrnl13                                                      ycrnl13
ythier                                       Erwann Gaudal
zac                                                   Martin Zacho
zcapk55                                                      zcapk55
ztorrida!jrlee%linuxpub.UUCP                                  Jesus Rafael Lee

Voted No
antersbe                         Stefan Antersberger
ault                                                    Jim Ault
bson                                                 Jan Brittenson
c900cade w250zrz.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE                                 Simon. Laule
cward Think.COM                                               Christopher Ward
eab                                                     Edward Bertsch
elt                                                      Ed Taychert
EOIN%CASH                                                       EOIN
fsspr                                  Sean P. Ryan
ggw                                          Greg Woodbury
grohol                                        John Grohol
Herve.Schauer                                    Herve Schauer
j414                                   mary-frances  jagod
jacobsd ucsu.Colorado.EDU                                   JACOBS  DRU THOMAS
jfortt                                          Joseph Fortt
jml                                Jean-Michel Launay
jrm                                     John R. MacWilliamson
julian                                          Julian Macassey
j_herlih                                                   Axl
Kari.Hurtta                                              Kari E. Hurtta
kjetilho                                       Kjetil Torgrim Homme
majid                                                  Fazal Majid
mg                                                   Michael Grubb
mmt RedBrick.COM                                          Maxime Taksar KC6ZPS
neilb                                               Neil Bowers
peterb                                         Peter G. Berger
rick                                             Richard H. Miller
roberson                                      Walter Roberson
ryan.bayne                                               Ryan Bayne
siamak                                                Siamak Ansari
smarry                                         Smarasderagd
stainles                                                  Dwight Brown
timv                                          Timothy VanFosson
WARD                                         Ward F. Bush