News about Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200, PDA600 and also Amstrad PC

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An Amstrad CPC demo by BSC : Musik100 with a new sound engine


Musik100 by BSC is an Amstrad CPC demo of a new sound engine. You will find more details on CPCWiki.

You can see and especially listen to this demo on Youtube. Listen also to this other youtube video using the same sound engine.

Dont be afraid to go to his Soundcloud page.

iMPdraw Ultimate Pack Edition ! by AST/Imp4ct is released


iMPdraw Ultimate Pack Edition ! by Impact, their new graphics tools (ConvImgCpc & iMPdraw) but also iMPdos, for xMass management. This pack contains M4_Asic rom, a special rom made by Duke for Amstrad Plus ONLY !!! So if you own an Amstrad Cpc, don't install it. Latest Albireo rom is available on this Ultimate Pack Edition.

iMPdraw works on Floppy Disc A/B, Gotek A/B, M4 sd Card, Albireo Sd Card & Usb, & xMass expansion Board (iMPdos only).

Have a good fun, Bugs reports are welcome, run"install" to start.

A new version of Martine and 3 demos by Impact in 2020


Martine is an utility converting JPG and PNG images to Overscan screen or window for Amstrad CPC (and Plus series). The last available version is v021 which was released the 22th January 2020.

Impact has also released 3 demos in 2020 :

Arcade Game Designer v0.7.10 for Windows by Jonathan Cauldwell


Arcade Game Designer v0.7.10 is a Windows (32/64) utility by Jonathan Cauldwell to write games for Timex/Next, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Acorn Electron, Dragon/Coco and Enterprise, without any knowing of programmation.

The big news for the CPC is that it should now allow you to import third-party assembler routines and call them in your game with the USER command (plus an optional argument that gets passed in the accumulator). There is an example user routines directory with a couple of routines suggested by users.

There is a forum about AGD, follow the link of the first message to download AGD.

Requiescat in pace Ultrasyd (October 2020)


Cymbob did announce on Twitter the death of his friend : Ultrasyd, requiescat in pace :-( . There are informations that I would prefer not having to write about it... All the things he wrote will stay in our memories.

ACE v1.22, an Amstrad CPC(+) emulator for MorphOS and Haiku by Philippe Rimauro (Offset)


ACE v1.22 by Philippe Rimauro (Offset) has been released the 22th October. It's an Amstrad CPC emulator for MorphOS.

PulkoMandy has ported ACE for Haiku since 2017, current version is v1.15.0 beta. You can download on the same page than ACE.

WIP Melkhior's mansion by Richard Jordan for PC and ZX Spectrum (Next)


Richard Jordan is working on Melkhior's mansion : a 3D isometric remake of Atic Atac, with an available demo for PC. The game will also be available for ZX Spectrum Next and 128 Ko.

WIP La culotte de Zelda on Amstrad CPC+


La culotte de Zelda is of course a tribute to the game The legend of Zelda released in 1987 on Nintendo NES. The loading screen is awesome, and I await impatiently the release of the game..

An Amstrad PCW core for Mister FGPA by Steddyman


Steddyman did develop an Amstrad PCW core for the Mister FGPA project.

Version two of this core is out since today, it features :

  • Turbo support to 32Mhz
  • Expanded memory support to a maximum of 2MB
  • 3" and 3.5" disk support
  • Dual disk drives
  • PCW 8xxx and PCW9xxx model support
  • All hardware Joysticks and Mice supported
  • 4 colour mode support

You can see a youtube video of this core running an adventure game in 4 colours.

CORSAIR Trainer, a WIP Amstrad CPC game by Bitplane Technomantes (Assembly Online 2020)


Bitplane Technomantes has released a WIP of its Amstrad CPC game limited to 1 level : Corsair Trainer at the Assembly Online 2020 (direct download). It's a 50hz vertical scrolling shoot them up witj 3 difficulty levels.

Programmation is done by Axelay, graphics by Rexbeng and the music by McKlain.

FlashGordon cards by PulkoMandy are available (rom board)


FlashGordon by PulkoMandy is a Flash/ROM board and mostly a clone of Bryce's MegaFlash design, with a different flash chip and integrated mods for a reset button and "disable all ROMs" switch. It can be slotted on a Mother-X4, or plugged to the CPC with the appropriate cable (centronics or HE902 to HE10 female, 50 pins). It can store up to 32 ROMs, including optional replacement for ROM7 (need hardware mod on CPC6128/664 to disable the internal one, no changes needed on Plus and 464) and ROM0 (for use of the Hacker or straight-to-CPM boot or other foreground ROMs). Software is available to manage it (either ROMAN from PNG or TFM's RomManager) and will come pre-installed on the boards.

So there is a new batch of FlashGordon available if you are interested.