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A test of the Amstrad Emailer Plus done by ChinnyVision, an interesting device...


Let's talk about something else than Amstrad 8bit computers, though we will stay in the familly to see the test of the Amstrad Emailer Plus done by ChinnyVision.

The following informations are from the Emailer Plus wikipedia page.

The Amstrad E-mailer (often stylized as E-m@iler or written as Emailer or Em@iler) is a landline phone device, launched in 2000. It is essentially a desktop telephone with an LCD screen and limited Internet dialup and email messaging capabilities. Later models (the E-m@iler Plus, released 2002, and E3 Superphone with videophone capabilities, released 2004) were notable for including the ability to play ZX Spectrum videogames, leveraging Amstrad's previous experience manufacturing Spectrum models.The keyboard or Mailboard that slid out from under the handset was similar to the original ZX Spectrum keyboard, so it was similar to playing them on the Spectrum when using the E3 Superphone with its colour screen.

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