Web sites about Amstrad PCW computers (8256, 8512, 9256, 9512, PCW10 and PcW16)

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links about Amstrad PCW
Amstrad PCW spares, parts, software and machines site in english English Amstad PCW club, and a lot of CPC, PCW and Spectrum stuff to buy
Ansible Information site in english Utilities for Amstrad PCW : - AnsibleIndex Plus, prepares custom book indexes from documents written in all versions of LocoScript Software's LocoScript: versions 1, 2, 3 and 4, - AnsibleIndex Pro, prepares custom book indexes from documents written in LocoScript Software's LocoScript Pro for the PC, both version 1 and version 2 (though not LocoScript PC Easy), - Ailink, a win9x utility to convert Amstrad PCW LocoScript files to MS Rich Text Format.
Ian Macdonald's Amstrad PCW homepage site in english technical informations (circuit diagrams of CPU, keyboard, monitor and printer), PCW links and files
Information center of Joyce user AG site in englishsite in german a german PCW usergroup
John Elliott's homepage site in english author of Joyce, the PCW emulator and the CP/M v2.2 and 3.1 for the PCW16, also informations about PCW and CP/M
LocoScript Software site in english

better known as Locomotive, they were part in the making of the Amstrad CPC.

They sell LocoScript for PCW and win9x (word processor), LocoLink for transfering LocoScript files from PCW to PC
PCW Joyce Computer Club site in english a dutch user group for the Amstrad PCW series. Activities are among others : technical support, repairs and upgrading, data conversion (e.g. MS Dos and WordPerfect 5.1), graphics services like scanning, digitising and format conversion, reinking of printer ribbons
Ron's Amstrad PCW Page site in english All PCW stuff Ron is selling, be fast if you want something
SD Microsystems site in english SD Microsystems has taken over in 2000 LocoScript Software's stock and product range including all their PC and PCW programs.

They support Amstrad computers from the CPC 6128 through the PCW to the PC 1512/1640/2086/286/386. They can supply a wide range of software on 3, 3.5 or 5.25 disks, blank medias (CF2s), printer ribbons and DIY repair kits including the 3 inch drive reviver
Wiedmann site in german Spare parts, programs or accessories for Amstrad PCW, NC and PDA600