Web sites about hardware for Amstrad computers

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links about hardware for Amstrad computers
ACBM - le Virus informatique site in german

ACBM is a french compagny which publish three computer newspapers :

- le Virus informatique, if you liked Hebdogiciel, you will like it,
- les Puces informatiques : free computer ads,
- Pirates.

Amstech CPC site in english Infos about 464+ 128k upgrade, 464+ disc interface upgrade, 6128+ tape interface.
Amstrad CPC Nostalgia site in german A few downloadable games, hardware informations (hook an internal 3,5 drive on CPC and link CPC to PC). Possibility to rder a CD with about 3000 Amstrad CPC games for french only
Amstrad CPCKey site in english CPCKey lets you connect a MF-2 keyboard to an Amstrad CPC. Its main purpose is to solve the keyboard problem if you want to put your CPC into a bigger case
Amstrad PCW spares, parts, software and machines site in english English Amstad PCW club, and a lot of CPC, PCW and Spectrum stuff to buy
CPC Rulez site in german a general Amstrad CPC web site with a good french forum
CPCNG site in english CPC Next Generation, a new computer wich will be able to run Amstrad CPC programs
Das Schneider CPC Systembuch site in german a book about the internal of the the schneider/amstrad cpc
David Cantrell site site in english online firmware guide and Arnor ROMs
Downwater site in german Documentation (circuits, system vectors, etc...), utility to add an amsdos header to a file
Ebay site in english the auction site to buy Amstrad computer parts
Ebay français site in german the auctionsite to buy Amstrad computer parts
Future OS site in englishsite in germansite in german a new operating system for Amstrad CPC
Futurs site in englishsite in german a french group which makes demos, Quasar the paper fanzine, games, utilities and hardware add-on such as the SoundPlayer (better sound on CPC, with Virtual Net 96 optionnal : network on Amstrad CPC)
Ian Macdonald's Amstrad PCW homepage site in english technical informations (circuit diagrams of CPU, keyboard, monitor and printer), PCW links and files
inicron site in german author of the RAM-BOX (512 Ko memory extension) and ROM-RAM-BOX (simulates EPROMs with RAM), comes with the electronic plan and documentation
La Pagina de Amstrad CPC/CPC+/PCW site in spanish a spanish site with technical informations about 3.5" drives, emulators, more than 100 games, etc...
Merline-Serve site in english

you will be able to buy Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, C64 and old PC hardware.

Recommended by the defunct U.K. newspaper Amstrad Action and the fanzine Wacci
Octoate.de site in english

News about the Amstrad world

Tim Rieman is the author of DIC (Disc image copy) for copying CPC disc to PC with the parallel cable and is working on an IDE interface to use hard disks on an Amstrad CPC
Prodatron site in english a german demo maker, author of SymbOS, a new operating system for the Amstrad CPC
Siou site in englishsite in german Siou is making hardware add-ons for the CPC, especially the CPC ISA card which permits to connect : an I/O interface (Serial and parallel ports, Floppy and IDE ports), an internal modem, a SoundBlaster card (or 100% compatible), a video card (if CGA, it will be compatible with the CTM 644).French pages are more recent
Steph's CPC site site in german a french CPC site with hardware informations, and computer history
The Trade-in-Post site in english a second-hand shop where you will be able to buy GX4000/464+/6128+ cartridges, hardware and software for Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128