Miscellenaous web sites about Amstrad computers

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Miscellaneous web sites about Amstrad computers
Amstrad CPC : emulation for beginners site in englishsite in spanish a good site, help on using emulators, and homemade programs for CPC
Amstrad ESP site in spanish Spanish web site on Amstrad CPC
CPC wiki site in english the Amstrad CPC Wiki
Downwater site in german Documentation (circuits, system vectors, etc...), utility to add an amsdos header to a file
Girv.net site in english A nostalgia site a collection of scanned Hairy Hacker's Haunts from ACU magazine, and homemade programs
LocoScript Software site in english

better known as Locomotive, they were part in the making of the Amstrad CPC.

They sell LocoScript for PCW and win9x (word processor), LocoLink for transfering LocoScript files from PCW to PC
Phenix informatique site in german a complete site for Amstrad CPC, news, forum, an annuary of CPC users, and many other things
Steph's CPC site site in german a french CPC site with hardware informations, and computer history