Web sites about Amstrad Notepad computers (NC100, NC150 and NC200)

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links about Amstrad Notepad computers (NC100, NC150 and NC200)
BBCBASIC site in english a site about BBC BASIC, with a comprehensive language reference
NC100 Magic site in english a page for ordering a book about NC100, to use it better, gives also hidden commands
R.T. RUSSEL homepage site in english R.T. Russell is the creator of BBC BASIC interpreters, including the one on the NCs, extensive on-line manual about BBC BASIC
Tim's Amstrad NC Users Site site in english for users of the Amstrad Notepad and Notebook computers
Wiedmann site in german Spare parts, programs or accessories for Amstrad PCW, NC and PDA600
ZCN site in english a CP/M like for the Amstrad notepads NC100, NC150 et NC200