Web sites about games on Amstrad computers

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links about games for Amstrad computers
Ali Gator site in german Claude Le Moullec web site, who wrote many Amstrad CPC games in french Amstrad newspaper
Amstrad CPC Imperium site in english a web site by The Pentagon dedicated to all the Amsoft games for the Amstrad/Schneider CPC
Amstrad CPC Nostalgia site in german A few downloadable games, hardware informations (hook an internal 3,5 drive on CPC and link CPC to PC). Possibility to rder a CD with about 3000 Amstrad CPC games for french only
Bollaware site in english a german Amstrad group, author of several good games, demos and utilities
Classic Adventures Solution Archive site in english the best resource for solutions of classic 8bit adventure games
CNG SOFT site in englishsite in spanish CNG Soft, author of the CPCE emulator
CPC Game reviews site in english Reviews, screenshots and advertisements of Amstrad CPC games (download link too)
CPC Rulez site in german a general Amstrad CPC web site with a good french forum
CPC-Power site in englishsite in germansite in spanishsite in german a database of Amstrad CPC programs (games, demos, utilities...)
Futurs site in englishsite in german a french group which makes demos, Quasar the paper fanzine, games, utilities and hardware add-on such as the SoundPlayer (better sound on CPC, with Virtual Net 96 optionnal : network on Amstrad CPC)
Gamebase CPC Gamebase CPC,a database of games
Girv.net site in english A nostalgia site a collection of scanned Hairy Hacker's Haunts from ACU magazine, and homemade programs
Gremlin Graphics World site in english Official 100% legal distribution source for old Gremlin titles with permission from the software house
Hydris site in german Author of games and demos
La Pagina de Amstrad CPC/CPC+/PCW site in spanish a spanish site with technical informations about 3.5" drives, emulators, more than 100 games, etc...
Myriad Software site in englishsite in spanish Didier and Olivier Guillion made Sapiens, now also for MAC and win9x
Nich Campbell's Amstrad CPC home page site in english

Nicholas Campbell has created two web sites :

- CPC Games Reviews,
- CPC Magazine Covers.

You will find also issues of Otto, his Amstrad CPC disk zine and some of his other programs.
Simon's bits and pieces site in english the text adventures games by Simon Avery
Spectrum SCREEN$ site in english A museum dedicated to preserving pixel artwork from 8bit games. This site covers the 3 main home computer of the 1980's (Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC) with loading screen images, seen during the cassette / disk load process, in game screen shots and cassette inlay scans
T.A.C.G.R. (The Amstrad CPC Games Ressource) site in english an HTML frontend for NVG, reviews, interviews, list of all Amstrad Action reviews, 464 manual in .PDF files
The Amstrad CPC Poke Database site in english An Amstrad CPC poke database (for CPCEMU), you can submit your pokes to be added in the database
The Balrog site in english Stuart Whytes used to write the Balrog adventure column for Future Publishing's Amstrad Action, it's now in HTML format, with several adventures to download
The Odiesoft java dungeon site in english Odiesoft homepage, author of the excellent Amstrad CPC bomberman clone : megablasters. He is also the author of CPC demos
The Tipshop site in english A central archive for all Spectrum and SAM games hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks and pokes, useful too for Amstrad CPC games
Tolkien computer games for Amstrad CPC site in english Tolkien computer games for the Amstrad CPC