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Amstrad CPC on Youtube


I just added a new feature for the Amstrad CPC games database, you can now see video game footage from Youtube on each game page, see for yourself just below (javascript needed) :

Batman the movie

Or just browse the database for more game memories.

Amstrad CPC is 25 years old in 2009


For the 25 years of the Amstrad CPC in 2009, Amstradeus (bilingual site, choose language at upper left of the page) is organizing a graphic contest till the 30th May 2009. You must send an image about the quarter of century of the Amstrad CPC in JPG or PNG to win a CPC 464 firmware book (in english).

Cpctro, a Amstrad CPC demo by ZeroTeam


ZeroTeam is a ZX Spectrum demo group. Though they just released an Amstrad CPC demo : cpctro.

Cpctro demo by ZeroTeam on Amstrad CPC

The Real Sir Alan (Michael Sugar)


The Real Sir Alan is a 60 minute show by Fiona bruce shown on BBC Two (11th January 2009) and BBC One (24th January 2009). It cant be seen anymore with the BBC iPlayer, but it seems to be on Youtube :

Also for the 5th year in a row, The apprentice show with Alan Michael Sugar is on the waves.

And for the end, if you still dont have read Alan Michael Sugar biography, I recommend it personally, I did read it and liked it.

Alan Michael Sugar biography : The Amstrad story by David Thomas

Wiituka, an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii


Wiituka is a brand new Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii by D_Skywalk. It features :

  • a comfortable interface that tries to look like Virtual Console
  • online support for downloading games
  • CPC Gunstick Emulation

Next version will feature :

  • Redefine WiiMote Keys
  • Game List with Screenshots
  • Snapshot (and tape?) Support
  • Roms details, votes and much more!

logo of Wiituka, an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii

Stelladaptator 2600 to USB interface


Seen on the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup : the Stelladaptator allows the use of standard Atari 2600-compatible controllers, including joysticks (like the one used on Amstrad CPC), paddles, and driving controllers, with modern computers running Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating systems. Any Atari 2600-compatible joystick, when plugged into your computer through the Stelladaptor will behave as a normal joystick. This allows the use of classic Atari controllers with any software that will work with an 8-direction digital joystick controller (left, right, up, down, and diagonals).

Stelladaptator 2600 to USB interface

CPCGamesCD updated


CPCGamesCD is a live CD by MiguelSky with emulators and the NVG Amstrad game collection. It has been updated :

  • Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 2.4 by Troels K.
  • Includes NVG games update 11.04.2009
  • Includes Snap-Pack by MiguelSky (3576 images)
  • Added new version 6.2 of JavaCPC emulator
  • Includes Linux version of CPCLoader 2.4 and emus update
  • Includes Maps folder of NVG and support for that
  • Includes Links to T.A.C.G.R.

A golden gun on Ebay


217 Euros for a Super Pack Gun Stick (Ubi Soft) on Ebay. I hope the buyer will enjoy what he bought.

Super Pack Gun Stick

Amstrad expo 2009 meeting


The Amstrad expo 2009 meeting will take place from the 29th to the 31th May 2009 at the Espace Jeunes (F.J.T) in Coutances (50 - Normandie - France).

There will be 4 contests :

  • Demo : 3D theme
  • Demo : free theme
  • Games : free theme
  • Graphic : free theme

Cost for meeting, sleeping and eating :

  • Inscription given before 20th may 2009 : 8 Euros
  • Inscription after 20th may 2009 and directly on site : 10 Euros

Contact : eliot (at)

a RSS flux to let you know when there is some news


As news doesnt appear as often as before, you now have a RSS flux to be informed when the site is updated.

2 Amstrad CPC meetings at once in Germany and France


Two meeting will take place at the same time from the 29th to the 31th May 2009 :

Happy Christmas 2008 and happy new year 2009 !


It's never too late, well I hope.