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Updated version of Zynaps (Hewson) by CPC Wiki (2011)


Not really a fresh news (2011), but while reading the thread about the english version of the abbaye of crime, that there is an updated version of Zynaps due to CPC Wiki user with the following updates :

  • Loader & overscan code : SyX
  • Overscan splash screen : TotO
  • Splash screen music : Neil Grieve (C64) converted by SuTeKH/Epyteor
  • Splash screen music play-routine : Targhan
  • Cheat-Mode & Raster-Logo patch : CPC-Wiki & SaroneTC

Synchronized music of 1943 (Amstrad CPC and Amiga) by John Gage


A new video by John Gage : synchronized music of the arcade game 1943 (Capcom) converted on Amstrad CPC by Probe Software (AY in stereo) and Amiga.

The original music is written on both computers by Jason C. Brooke with the same octave and tempo.

The Abbey of crime, an Amstrad CPC spanish game, now translated in english !


It's done, The Abbey of crime, the spanish Amstrad CPC game based on the book The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco has been translated in english by :

Beware, it's a Work in Progress translation, but a good part has been done already.

You can now order the Amstrad CPC fanzine Quasar by Futur's on their web site


In 2009, Quasar switched from paper area to numeric as a wiki. Today, you can order the past issues of the fanzine Quasar, either in paper, disk or PDF format.

On main page, click on the link Le Bazar.

An Amstrad CPC 464 without its defective drive tape by Olivier Bruneau (2nd part)


Here are the last 3 photos byOlivier Bruneau who had an Amstrad CPC 464 with a defective drive tape, so he removed it after seing a forum where someone had the same problem and the radical solution he used. The photos now includes a DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator by Zaxon.

Thanks to Olivier for letting me put his photo on the web site.

Amstrad CPC 464 sans lecteur de disquettes 1 sur 3 par Olivier Bruneau Amstrad CPC 464 sans lecteur de disquettes 2 sur 3 par Olivier Bruneau Amstrad CPC 464 sans lecteur de disquettes 3 sur 3 par Olivier Bruneau

The shadows of Sergoth, a dungeon crawler for Amstrad CPC


The shadows of Sergoth is a new dungeon crawler in development for the Amstrad CPC 6128. The level shown in this youtube video of The Shadows of Sergoth are not the definite ones, and there is still a lot of things to add, like sounds, monsters, puzzles,...

The game is developped by :

  • Chris94 : specification, game programming, graphic design, level design and translation
  • Kukulcan : game story, game scripting, game intro programming and level design
  • Ced : game story, game scripting and graphic design
  • Rayxamber : sounds and musics
  • TJ/GPA : sounds and musics
  • Maxit : translation
  • MiguelSky : translation

The happy testers are : Fredouille, Galamoth, Maxit, Snake Plissken and Tanuki.

Thanks to all of them !

Y'a pas qu'Amstrad dans la vie S03E01 : Exolon, Khomenor is back (french live)


September and all kids are back to school, for Khomenor it's also a coming back with season 3 which opens with the Exolon Amstrad CPC game by Raffaele Cecco and edited by Hewson in 1987 (french speaking inside).

La Java du Privé, from Apple 2 by Froggy Software to Amstrad CPC by Tom et Jerry


Third part after Le mur de berlin, la Java du Privé is a graphical adventure game by Tom et Jerry on Amstrad CPC, inspired by the game of the same name on Apple 2 by Froggy Software (yes, some frenchies) with their agreeement (Jean-Louis Le Breton et Tristan Cazeneuve)

This time, you are a private, not the best, who must save his life by resolving what should be simple (but never is), just get back a mail at the post office...