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WIFI232, network for all computers with RS232, an Amstrad Notepad NC100 for example


Seen on BYTECellar, the WIFI232 created by Paul Rickards (see his page on the WIFI232) is an electronic card (with an ESP8266 micro-controller) which you connect on any computer with RS232 (DB9 or DB25 with an adaptator) so you can get like a good old modem used with AT Hayes commands to connect to an internet BBS, for an Amstrad Notepad NC100 for example. See this video for using TCP/IP encapsulated with pppd.

You can buy a WIFI232 at Simulant (U.K.), this address was in a comment at BYTECellar.

The engineering miracle of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum


From time to time, an article not about Amstrad computers, well till 1986 when Amstrad bought the computer part of Sinclair Research.

OSNews mentions an interesting article about the making of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, its colour clash and graphics engines like Nirvana+ which allow nice games without this colour clash like Gandalf released in 2018 (see the video below).

A possible portable Amstrad CPC with an Odroid GO ?


The Odroid GO is a portable video game console with a LCD screen (320 x 240), battery, direction pad and 6 buttons (easy to build). It uses the ESP32 SOC microcontroller. The builtin firmware emulates old consoles (GB, GBC, NES, SNES, SMS, GameGear and Colecovision). More interesting, it can emulate a ZX Spectrum, MSX both using a Z80. So of course, it could lead to a possible Amstrad CPC firmware.

Reading the last page of the September Odroid magazine, Andrew ARMSTRONG intends to use an Odroid Go to transfer to and from an Amstrad CPC 464.

RetroVirtualMachine, a new WIP Amstrad CPC emulator is supporting the Dandanator expansion card


RetroVirtualMachine by jcgamestoy is a new Amstrad CPC WIP emulator for MacOS, Windows and Linux.

The v2.0 WIP does support the Dandanator expansion card..

Symbiface III being worked on since at least April 2018


TMTLOGIC gave informations in April 2018 about the developpement of the Symbiface III card (see CPCWiki source too) :

  • USB mass storage device FAT32, tested with an speed of 700Kb/sec, seen as drive D
  • USB wireless mouse
  • 512 KB RAM
  • RTC (not compatible with the SF2 RTC) and a battery
  • OLED display

The final choice of the features isnt frozen, you can propose other features on CPCWiki.

M7-Galaxy and Zen80 boards by Duke


Everybody know the M4 wifi board by Duke for our Amstrad CPC. The M7-Galaxy board is an extended version of the M4 but intented for the Amstrad GX4000 as the board will interface inside the Z80 socket while le processor is on the board. It features :

  • WiFi
  • disk drive emulation, it emulates the DFC765 chip so all read/write accesses are redirected to a .DSK image like a Gotek or HxC without the need of a FDC chip
  • Rom board
  • cartridge emulation
  • RAM expansion, probably 320 Kb + the original 64 Kb
  • using a wireless keyboard and mouse

So you can upgrade an Amstrad GX4000 in an Amstrad CPC+ without any soldering. For more informations, see Duke's page.

front of the galaxy board by duke for Amstrad GX4000

back of the galaxy board by duke for Amstrad GX4000

GX4000 without the galaxy board by duke

GX4000 with the galaxy board by duke

The Zen80 board is similar to the galaxy board, but is used as the M4 board : externally and not internally. It will feature 8MB SDRAM (and MCU with more GPIO's), which would be hard to fit in the internal version without going BGA.

The boards will have an approximative price of 60 euros, there is no preorder at the moment.

Firmware update for the TZXDuino to load Amstrad CPC tapes


To load an Amstrad CPC tape (or a ZX Spectrum one), you can use :

In november 2017, a new version of the TZX duino was released with a percentage counter and a timer counter have been added to all screens, and in March 2018 the possiblity to do some firmare editing (type of screen, logo...).

You can buy the TZXduino in the author's shop.

Kimo-Hachi, a hand-made MSX, anyone done the same with an Amstrad CPC ?


An interesting information, a japanese engineer built a hand-made MSX computer, not with FPGA but with hard wired general chips, with several main board each one having the role of a fonctionnality of the MSX (one mainboard for video for example).

For more informations, go read and the web site of the engineer.

Write Amstrad CPC basic programs on Nintendo 3DS with SmileBASIC v3.6.0


You are a good programmer (or not), you got an Amstrad CPC and a portable Nintendo 3DS console ?

Then you really need SmileBASIC by SmileBoom (japanese studio) to program Amstrad CPC games on the Nintendo 3DS for the price of 9,50 €.

Five clones of the compatible MX4 Multiface 2 interface made by Talrek


There are five clones left of the compatible MX4 Multiface 2 interface. They are made by Talkrek.

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