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Physical edition of several Amstrad CPC games by Play on Retro


Play on Retro is selling physyical editions of several Amstrad CPC games :

  • Baba's Palace (2017), a reflexion game by Rafa CASTILLO and John McKlain
  • Castaway (2022), an action game by the T Team
  • Jax the Dog (2023), a platforma game by Capasoft and Digital Studio
  • Shadow Hunter (2023), an action game by Mananuk, Xavisan, Xenomorph, Titan
  • Space Saga which includes Space Panic (2022) and Spaceman Kerl (2022), two action games by Fitosoft
  • Transylvanian Castle DX2 (2022), a RPG game by Fitosoft, adapted from a ZX Spectrum version which is also included

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