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The Errand Boy, a graphical adventure game by Dwalin


After Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur released in April 2020 by Dwalin, he just has released a new graphical adventure game : The Errand Boy which you can play online if you have no read Amstrad CPC computer or emulator.

The Errand Boy» is a short conversational adventure, originally written for MSDOS by Dwalin in 2021, using JSJ’s SINTAC G3 parser. Later it has been ported to DAAD, and also published for Spectrum, Spectrum Next, Amstrad CPC and MSX2. It is the first adventure that I translate into English (with the help of Jade, @lecambre and @buleste), so I hope you can forgive any mistakes I may have made. The history is the following : your boss reintroduced you as «the errand boy» … and you’re done! A thousand years of service does not deserve this, and someone will pay for it.

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