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Top 11 of Amstrad CPC games in 2016 by Novabug on Youtube


Novabug presents his personal top 11 of Amstrad CPC games created in 2016 in a video on Youtube, over more than 75 games created this year.

So, his personal top is the following :

  • Outlaws
  • Dragon Attack
  • Out of this world
  • Defense
  • Coolbox
  • Imperial Mahjong
  • Jewel Warehouse
  • Hair Boy
  • Nibiru (using 8BP)
  • Magica
  • Chibi Akumas (Episode 1 : Invasion!)

Personnaly the best game for 2016 is Magica, but they are other very good games too for sure.

You can also see his Top 11 of Amstrad CPC games in 2015.

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