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J'AI PÉ-TÉLÉCRAN, an Amstrad CPC demo able to show 4k on original Amstrad CPC monitor !


Benediction, Dentifrice and Arkos have released a new Amstrad CPC demo : J'AI PÉ-TÉLÉCRAN (local download) during the Revision 2024 demo party. The code is written by Krusty, graphics by Exocet, music by Targhan.

But the most astonishing fact of this demo is that it is capable to use a 4k definition on an original Amstrad CPC mionitor due to an unknown use of the Gate Array and CRTC. As you can expect, everybody at the Revision 2024 had their eyes who were popping out of their orbits. Sadly no actual Amstrad CPC emulator is able to show such a new feature, you will have to wait a bit for that and must at the moment see this demo on an real Amstrad CPC to enjoy it at fullest. It's no surprise that the name of the ZIP is GPTLECRAN (translated it means I broke the screen) as before discovering this ground breaking feature, no less than three Amstrad CPC monitors were definitively broken. But the result is worth this loss.

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