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Another ReSeT meeting (#10) at Coutances, thanks to Eliot,


ReSeT is an Amstrad CPC demo party taking place at Coutances from friday 28th june (10 am) to sunday 30th june (6 pm) in Normandy.

Named before Amstrad Expo, this party organized by Eliot (Benediction), is a success each year since 2000.

Whatever your interest in Amstrad CPC, you will be welcomed. It will be the occasion to see previews of incoming programs and to meet other CPCists..

As usual there will be a contest.

More informations on ReSeT's site.

Happy Christmas 2012 for everybody


Have a great holiday and let's hope Santa Claus will bring you a lot of things.

The king is dead, hail to the king ( 0 - 1)


Since several years this site was on with the domain being a redirection on the free address.

Now you can forget both addresses, and change your bookmark/favorite to The new site is faster, using PHP 5 instead of PHP 4 on free. I can use sub-domains, so if you want faster web site loading, you can use the mobile version of (no youtube video).

Phenix Informatique closing for an unknown duration, doh !


Due to a bug in its CMS Xoops, Phenix Informatique ( is closing for an unkwown duration.

Sad news, lets hope that it will rise again from its ashes like it already did several times in the past.

UPDATE : well finally it wasnt a CMS bug, but a problem of the web hosting service. So the web site is working fine once again, pfiou. For once I was too quick to write a news.

Interview of Alain Massoumipour (alias Poum) on Phenix Informatique


You will find on Phenix Informatique an interview of Alain Massoumipour (alias Poum) who wrote for the french Amstrad CPC magazine Amstrad 100%.

If you throwed all your issues of Amstrad 100%, you will find them on le site des anciennes revues informatiques.

Happy new year 2012


Happy new year 2012, I wish you a good health too and also to all you love.

Happy Christmas 2011


I wish you all a happy Christmas 2011.

The Amstrad CPC generation, are we getting that old ?


Below you will find an extract of the excellent french site Dans Ton Chat (some IRC chat goodies).

Couchax: Shit, my sister has a new boyfriend, an older man (older than mathusalem), about 10 years older than her ! What a pity ! She bringed him back to the house just yesterday... I am quite ashamed !

Adrien: What's the problem ? It's not you who is dating him, so what... If your sister is feeling well with him, it's what is important ?

Couchax: I dont care about this, I am telling you that I am really ashamed...

Adrien: Why o.O ?

Couchax: I was very badly beaten to Super Street Fighter 4, never has been beaten like that before...

Adrien: What a shame, being beaten by the Amstrad generation...

Couchax: Yes...(-_-)'

Doh, I am feeling 10 years older now in the space of just a few seconds... :-)

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