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Knight Lore ported by Habi Soft on Amstrad PCW


Knight Lore released in 1984 on Amstrad CPC has been ported to Amstrad PCW by Habi Soft, with colors too !

If you need help to finish the game, go see StrategyWiki.

Sgt Helmet Training day 2020, the last Amstrad CPC game by the Mojon Twins is out


Cheman is the last Amstrad CPC game by The Mojons Twins, cover by kendroock, history by maribip, na_th_an and anjuel, music by David Sánchez (aka Davidian aka Murcian). The game uses the following framework/library : MK1 PSTCRA by The Mojon Twins, Cprslib by Artaburu and WyzPlayer by Wyz.

It looks like a Commando BUT ammunitions are limited, dont play trigger happy or you will burn yourself, use your brain. You will use a joystick or the keyboard (O P Q A for directions, space to shoot, directions + space to push a rock for blocking a laser).

You control Sgt. Helmet who has to perform several missions: traverse the enemy camp (with and without ammonition), rescue the hostages, finding 5 bombs, setting them next to the evil computer, then get back to base, or destroy motorbikes. Use keycards to open closed gates and kill every clone soldier if he stands in your way. You can destroy the barbed wire to progress (but avoid touching them!) as well. But beware! Bullets are prized and you better save them. You can refill your ammo with the magazines you will find across the map – but you better be savvy. Use boulders to block lasers so your ass doesn’t get burned and… GOOD LUCK!

Arcade Game Designer v0.7.10 for Windows by Jonathan Cauldwell


Arcade Game Designer v0.7.10 is a Windows (32/64) utility by Jonathan Cauldwell to write games for Timex/Next, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Acorn Electron, Dragon/Coco and Enterprise, without any knowing of programmation.

The big news for the CPC is that it should now allow you to import third-party assembler routines and call them in your game with the USER command (plus an optional argument that gets passed in the accumulator). There is an example user routines directory with a couple of routines suggested by users.

There is a forum about AGD, follow the link of the first message to download AGD.

WIP Melkhior's mansion by Richard Jordan for PC and ZX Spectrum (Next)


Richard Jordan is working on Melkhior's mansion : a 3D isometric remake of Atic Atac, with an available demo for PC. The game will also be available for ZX Spectrum Next and 128 Ko.

WIP La culotte de Zelda on Amstrad CPC+


La culotte de Zelda is of course a tribute to the game The legend of Zelda released in 1987 on Nintendo NES. The loading screen is awesome, and I await impatiently the release of the game..

CORSAIR Trainer, a WIP Amstrad CPC game by Bitplane Technomantes (Assembly Online 2020)


Bitplane Technomantes has released a WIP of its Amstrad CPC game limited to 1 level : Corsair Trainer at the Assembly Online 2020 (direct download). It's a 50hz vertical scrolling shoot them up with 3 difficulty levels.

Programmation is done by Axelay, graphics by Rexbeng and the music by McKlain.

They won the first place at the game development compo.

Livingstone Supongo a mode 0 arcade game, now in mode 1


Livingstone Supongo is a mode 0 game by Opera Soft. Nan has made a conversion of this game in mode 1 which you can download a tape image. The translation of the Youtube video is the following : Here is a demo of what is the classic Livingstone I suppose from Opera Soft, but transformed to mode 1 with four colors. The process has been without artistic intervention, being carried out through a process of converting colors replaced by those available in mode 1 and patterns..

A speedrun of Sorcery by Asthalis in 9 minutes 13 seconds on Amstrad CPC


Sorcery is an arcade/platform game written in 1985 by Dave CHAPMAN, Andy WILSON (programmation) and Ian MATHIAS (graphics), with an idea by Martin WHEELER. It was edited by virgin Games and published by Amsoft. The game was

Sorcery+ is a follow up when you find once again Sorcery but with anonther world where you have to kill the evil necromancer who did emprison your fellow magicians. Beware before finishing the first part and entering the second part of the game, you must have a special item to be allowed to finish the new and second part !

On OursoN Retrogames's youtube channel, Astthalis is showing a speedun in 9 minutes and 13 seconds on Sorcery.

Le Mystère de Kikekankoi, a french adventure game, solution and PC remake by Kelebrindae


Le mystère de Kikekankoi is a french graphical adventure game written in 1985 by Laurent BENES, Didier BERCHIATTI and graphics by Roger NICOLLE. The game was released on Amstrad CPC and Oric 1. They also wrote other games : Orphée, Tony Truand, Top Secret et Sauvez Yurk.

This adventure game has a twist : the time is limited, so you are replying to a SOS to save a woman and go behind a waterfall in a cave to save her.

If you have difficulties to finish the game, you will find the solution of le Mystère de Kikekankoi on Dokokade.

On Dokokade, a remake for PC of the mystère de Kikekankoi by Kelebrindae is mentionned, written in 2010.

You can see a longplay video of Mystère de Kikekankoi by Amstrad Maniaque on Youtube.

Crazy Blaster by Misfit available on Amstrad CPC (also Rodman)


Crazy Blaster par Mika (Misfit) REKANEN is available and being sold by The Future was 8bit for 4,99 pounds.

Misfit also wrote in 2018 a remake de Pac Man : Rodman (available on The Future was 8bit).

The video below is of Rodman, not Crazy Blaster.

Tetris, an Amstrad CPC port of the Game Boy classic by Crazy Piri


The Game Boy has just been emulated on Amstrad CPC permitting to play Tetris.

So would a pure Amstrad CPC port by Crazy Piri still be interesting ? In my opinion yes.

So Crazy Piri is a group created the 19th December 2019 for the CPC Gamedev Contest 2020 organized by Pascal Visa for the Facebook group Amstrad CPC pour toujours and beyond.

The group was founded by :

  • Cedric "leZone" Grandemange (graphics),
  • Alexis "KOOPA" Lambin (musician),
  • Miguel "RedBug" Vanhove (coder).

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