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From Elite to Elite 2 and First Encounters on FrontierAstro


The first Elite game is written by David Braben and Ian Bell, released in 1984. The Amstrad CPC version was written from the ZX Spectrum port. It has less ships (no Ananconda nor Transport) and minor differences in missions and titles.

Frontier Elite 2 was released in 1993 on Amiga, Atari ST and ms-dos. It's an open world without end nor scripted missions. As stated on the wiki page, it's now a shareware that you can download on Frontier Astro or its new version with better graphics working on actual PC : glFrontier.

If you want to play again Elite 2, you will find informations on Sharoma.

Frontier First Encounters was released in 1995 only for ms-dos, it was out too early with bugs which where corrected later. This time there a a story which you follow through events and missions, you will also meet the famous thargoids. Some missions can be done only with certain conditions or a minimum combat rating. It is also now a shareware which you can download on Frontier Astro with also a newer version working on current PC : Frontier First Encounters D3D. There is also glFFE and another version of glFFE by Nick.

And of course there is also Elite Dangerous which was released in 2014 on windows, MacOS, Xbox and PS4.

Amstrad CPC score contest on Border 0


Border 0 organizes a score contest, whose rules are below :

1.Use the WinAPE v2.0 Beta 2 emulator
2.Use the following settings :
DISPLAY: Enable Plus Features / Pal Emulation / Linear Palette
MEMORY: RAM: 128K / ROM Lower: OS6128 / Upper 0: BASIC1-1 / Upper 7: AMSDOS
3.Load the following DSK of Run CPC
4.Save a SNR session of your game :
  4.1.Save ONLY one game per session
  4.2.Start at the menu screen   4.3.End at the score menu
5.Send your SNR session with a tag or your name BEFORE the 31th January 2020 to :
Nothing to win except the respect of other who will be able to see the results on Border 0's contest web page, looking at the best SNR on CPC-Power and a video on Youtube.

The 15 Best Old and New Games for the Amstrad CPC featuring Amstrad YouTubers by Kim Justice


I dont know yet Kim Justice, but she did a video of her 15 best old new new games for Amstrad CPC featuring Amstrad youtubers including Top Hat Gaming Man, Novabug, DJ Slope, Yellow Belly and Xyphoe.

Retrogaming, between nostalgia and business on Amstrad.EU


I invite you to read the french article on Amstrad.EU which title is Retrogaming, between nostalgia and business.

See below the two youtube video mentionned in this article about the Amstrad CPC games featuring the Roland character :

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