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Interview of Stefan Walker (2015) who wrote the Amstrad CPC conversion of Pirates ! (Micropose)


A short but interesting interview of Stefan Walker who did the conversion of the game Pirates ! (Micropose) on Amstrad CPC in 1987. He even worked in the united states for 6 months with Sid Meier himself !

Not stated in the interview but in the CPCWiki's thread, the program was written in BASIC with RSX, which did ease the port to the X-Mass.

There is a longplay (very long at 6 hours) made by Amstrad Maniaque of Pirates !.

Deeper Warrens and Bitume by Arnaud Bouche (CPCRetroDev 2018 and 2017)


Arnaud Bouche is the author of both Bitume (CPCRetroDev 2017) inspired by Asphalt and Deeper Warrens (8th place at CPCRetroDev 2018) inspired by the classic Gauntlet with RPG elements (experience and buying equipment) on 25 levels !

A corrected version of Deeper Warrens is available after the initial release for the CPCRetroDev 2018.

Dont hesitate to download Bitume also, see a youtube video of Bitume if you are curious.

Operation Alexandra by 4Mhz, first place at the CPCRetroDev 2018 (download, music, trailers)


4Mhz is the winner of the CPCretroDev 2018 competition with its game Operation Alexandra (local download). It's a beautiful platform game, you are a russian soldier patrolling outside (minus 23 celcius degrees) near the North Pole at the terra of Alexandra, and you must inspect a place where a signal was emitted. You enter what looks like an old base, without a doubt a nazi base... The rest is in your hands.

You can listen to the original music by McKlain on Soundcloud and also a synthwave mix of the music.

There are at least two trailers : the first and the third.

A gaming video by vidéo de jeu par Oldschool is Beautiful will let you discover the start of the game, lets say that it will you bring some light about the game.

Operation Alexandra, an Amstrad CPC game by 4mhz

Barbarian plus, a remake for Commodore Amiga


Barbarian plus v1.0 by Christophe Romagnoli (graphism), Colin Vella (programmer) and Simone Bernacchia (musician) is a remake for Commodore Amiga which is just available, with 2 more characters for example.

You can see it in this video of Barbarian plus.

screenshot of Barbarian on Amstrad CPC

A 32 years old bug in The Trap door, fixed by Nicholas Campbell, video by Novabug


The fixed version by Nicholas Campbell of the Trap Door is availble on NVG. It allows to finish the game which couldnt be since 32 years, whereas you could finish it on ZX Spectrum and C64. A robot had to burn slimies in a cauldron, and it's now possible. Novabug just finished The trap Door on Youtube.

Total Eclipse (1988) is ported to Atari XL/XE


Total Eclipse (Incentive, 1988) uses the 3D Freescape engine. This game has just been ported on Atari XL/XE.

This conversion was coded by Mariusz Wojcieszek, graphics by Adam Wachowski, music and sound effects by Micha? 'stRing' Radecki and additional graphics by Jose Pereira. The game was ported from the C64 and features much better speed due to heavy optimizations and faster CPU clock, so it is much more enjoyable on an Atari 8bit. As for the requirements, Total Eclipse requires atleast 64KB of ram to run, supporting both PAL and NTSC, and also (for the first time) NTSC-50 and PAL-60. Game will also run properly on Atari with Rapidus accelerator.

The Shoot them up Chibi Akuma v1.666 for Amstrad CPC is available since 4 days


Released initially in 2016, Chibi Akuma (episode 1 : Invasion) v1.666 is available since 4 days, it's an Amstrad CPC(+) 6128 game, shoot them up whose character in an unhappy vampire woman.

This new version brings raster colors, 2 player support, better backgrounds and general game-engine improvements. The source code is also available.

The game is programmed by Keith56 (Twitter) who made a lot of youtube video explaining programmation on several Z80 computers.

Design Desgin productions on Simon Brattel web site


The 8bit productions of Design Design by Simon Brattel are available on his site, mostly ZX Spectrum programs, a little bit for Amstrad CPC (including Tank Busters, a clone of the Atari VCS 2600 Battlezone game) and an Amstrad PCW game.

8bit music played by an orchestra in June 2019


In June 2019, 8bit music will be played (1 hour and 40 mintes) by an orchestra at the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra.

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