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ACE v1.25, an Amstrad CPC(+) emulator for MorphOS/Haiku by Philippe Rimauro (Offset)


ACE v1.25 by Offset is available. It is available in french, english, german and spanish (thanks to the translators). New features since v1.24 are :

  • Added a splash screen to deal with plugins which are slow to initialize or activate/deactivate
  • Added MagicBeacon notification support when making a screen grab
  • Improved plugins API (v7) regarding mice and joysticks events (better plugins portability and efficiency)
  • Clean up in plugins SDK (better documentation)
  • Added analog joysticks support to plugins API (Amstrad Plus only)
  • Upgraded mice and joysticks plugins to use the new plugin API
  • Added info bulle to inform the user about mouse events being captured/released by a plugin
  • Improved joysticks internal management to natively support Playstation, Xbox and generic gamepads layouts
  • Improved joysticks plugins to handle combined (use one gamepad to control both CPC joysticks) and analog modes
  • Minor fix in CRTC 0 and 2 emulation
  • Minor fix in Gate Array emulation
  • Updated Multiface Two plugin's icon (thanks to Christophe 'Highlander' Delorme)
  • All plugins but joysticks are now automatically deactivated when selecting a quick prefs preset

A SDK exists if you want to program your own plugin for the ACE emulator.

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