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Happy new year 2007


I wish you all a happy new year 2007, and good health too.

New conversion on CPC Game Reviews


CPC Game Reviews has converted another ZX Spectrum game on Amstrad CPC : Area 51 by Jonathan Cauldwell, a platform game.

CrocoDS v0.5a, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Nintendo DS by Kyuran


CrocoDS is an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo DS. But it needs a linker to permit launching homebrew on a Nintendo DS.

Happy Christmas 2006


I wish you all a happy christmas.

Photos of the Castellum secretum meeting are available


Photos of the The Amstrad CPC meeting Castelleum Secretum are on FTP of CPCscene. Check upper left screen on how to connect on the FTP site.

New Amstrad CPC programs as MP3 on Amstradeus (March 2006)


As usual, vous will find Amstrad CPC programs as MP3 files on Amstradeus. Last games to appear on the site are Combat lynx, Critical mass, Confuzion, Contraption, the Covenant, Costa Capers, Chickin case, Chimera, Chuckie Egg, City slicker, Challenge of the gobots and Chessmater 2000.

ConvImgCpc v0.11 with overscan support


A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque is out. It's a windows xp utility to convert PC images to Amstrad CPC. This version supports overscan and features an editor to modify the image before writing it.

CPCDiskXP v1.4, a .DSK file manager by Mochilote on CPCMania


A new version of CPCDiskXP is available on CPC Mania. It's a .DSK file manager for windows XP (v1.4).

CPCDiskXP for windows XP

Joyce v2.1.9 by John Elliott, an Amstrad PCW emulator


The Amstrad PCW emulator Joyce v2.1.9 by John Elliott already available for unix and windows, and now also on MacOS.